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When using online training software, it’s even more important to remember that each person learns differently, so you need to build your learning content accordingly.Different people are more receptive to various learning styles, so build your courses in a way that appeals to them all.

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Before you go down that expensive road, stop, slap yourself in the face (gently please!But then it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to survey your audience members in advance so as to know their individual preferred learning styles.It’s, therefore, best to improvise by incorporating different modalities in your presentation.There is also a growing trend of and demand for distance and online learning [1,26,27,36,39,43,45,49, 53,55,56,59,61], an important emerging area of practice in occupational therapy [1]. Zoomerang online software program; 2010 [cited July 13, 2010]. Occupational therapy must develop research-based and inclusive education in both face-to-face and distance formats in order to advance the work of all students.

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