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more Variation in the concentrations of iodine-129 (129I, T1/2=15.7 Myr), a low-level radioactive component of nuclear fuel waste, is documented in surface waters and depth profiles collected during 2001 along a transect from the Norwegian Coastal Current to the North Pole.

The surface waters near the Norwegian coast are found to have 20 times higher 129I concentration than the surface waters of the Arctic Ocean.

For 14C system, variation of the dead carbon fraction (dcf) and a possible mixing of successive generations of calcite could account for age discrepancy.

Nevertheless, one sample shows concordant ages for the two methods.

In order to help to determine its place and date of manufacture various scientific techniques were used.The 14C/ 12C abundance ratio of the gas was then analyzed by gas ion source AMS.This configuration allows flexible and time-resolved acquisition of 14C profiles in contrast to conventional measurements, where only the bulk composition of discrete samples can be obtained. discrete layer analysis, survey scans, and precision scans, were investigated and compared using a stalagmite sample and, subsequently, applied to terrestrial and marine carbonates.more We analyzed rare wooden Komainu found at Akagami Shrine in Akita prefecture, Japan.The formation of historical objects is often thoroughly recorded in documents, although the formation age of this particular Komainu sculpture is still unknown due to its antiquity.

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