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Proposals not accompanied by such information will not be recognized by FAPESP for joint funding.

3.2.3 Applicants should indicate their interest in being considered for this opportunity: (i) by writing "We would like this application to be considered under the NIH-FAPESP Funding Initiative and (ii) including the “Letter of Eligibility” obtained from FAPESP.

Applicants from the State of So Paulo that meet the described in item 5.2 above, will be notified by FAPESP to submit a proposal for Research Grant - Thematic Project - using a SAGe platform. Additional information From NIH USA – Point of Contact of each Institutes and Centers (ICs) as described in the From FAPESP: Dr. National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) 9.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) 10.

3.1.2 At NIH, the Multiple PI (MPI) mechanism should be used.

Any MPI may submit the application as the contact PI.

3.2.4 Applicants should follow normal guidance for an NIH application, including rules regarding foreign applications or applications with foreign components. Funding For each approved research project, NIH will assume the funding of researchers from the USA and FAPESP will assume the funding of the research teams from So Paulo State, Brazil.

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Proposals will be handled by FAPESP following the norms and regulations for Thematic Grants ( except when explicitly specified in these guidelines. Descriptions of their areas of interest are available on the website links, provided below. Any application falling outside these areas will undergo the standard review process at NIH but will not be eligible for parallel funding. Enquiries about the suitability of proposed projects for each IC can be directed to the Point of Contact (POC) at each participating IC, as listed in the 2.4.

Only applications to the NIH parent R01 (PA-13-302) in which the PI from So Paulo, Brazil, fulfills the FAPESP requirements for Thematic Grants will be considered for this opportunity at this time (see item 3.2 below). Instructions to Applicants: 3.1.1 Applications eligible for parallel funding under this initiative must include at least one Principal Investigator (PI) from an institution in the State of So Paulo who is eligible for submission of FAPESP’s Thematic Projects (item 3.3 and 11.1 (c), available at and one Principal Investigator (PI) from the US who is eligible for Funding by NIH.

Introduction The National Institutes of Health (NIH) USA and the So Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), Brazil have signed a Mo U to encourage collaborative international research between investigators in the USA and in the State of So Paulo, Brazil.

Under the referred Mo U, as an action to promote such collaboration, FAPESP announces this Call for Proposals inviting researchers associated to Higher Education and Research Organizations in the State of So Paulo to submit research proposals.

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